"Fabulous trip to Italy"

"We had the most fabulous trip to Italy, everything was PERFECT! Thank you so much for all your help. We found the hotels, transfers and tours to exceed all of our expectations and the timing worked out really well. The overall trip was an appropriate pace to be enjoyable and we felt we were really able to take in all the sights we visited. We felt the trip was life-changing and Ray I especially loved the time together as a couple. Ravello was spectacular, we did not feel we needed to go to Capri - you were so right! Florence is a great city, we loved everything about it and plan to return and Rome is just larger than life with all the history - the Sistine Chapel was just unbelievable and very spiritual and a special experience for both Ray and I. We have so many terrific pictures of all the sights, I can't wait to put together an album!

The weather was not great (it was causally cold/rainy May), but honestly, though I took your advice and Ray's and just got over it and enjoyed the experience. We learned a couple of things about this trip too, that your expert help really contributed to a great experience an also that private tours are worth every penny.

The trip was everything we wanted it to be an again, thanks for helping us make that happen. Thanks for your patience, as a newcomer to working with a travel agency too, I know I asked a lot of questions!"

-My Best, Kathy Diaz